Dreamland is a new one-of-a-kind outdoor
entertainment, recreation and arts venue in Dripping Springs. Located on 64 acres in the Texas Hill Country, Dreamland offers an oasis of outdoor sports, music, stunning visual arts,
diverse food, and a beer garden and tap room with an expertly curated
variety of beer and wine from all over the region.

Many of the amenities will be free at Dreamland. The venue will only charge
for mini-golf, pickleball, disc golf, merchandise and food or beverages.
Some featured music or art events may require tickets. 

Sustainability is a core value of Dreamland. Dreamland captures rainwater
with the iconic tanks that have been a part of Richard’s Rainwater’s
history and uses that water for many operations across the venue. Dreamland
also has several Tesla charging stations and an impressive solar array on
the roof of the bar and beer garden. That solar energy powers many of the
amazing amenities on the property. Dreamland hopes to always operate as
close to carbon neutral as possible. Being good stewards of our natural
resources is an important part of the Dreamland mission.

At the end of the day Dreamland is all about having fun with a purpose.
Dreamland is partnered with multiple organizations to raise money and
awareness for programs that they believe in. From partnering with groups
like the Andy Roddick Foundation to provide under-resourced Austin children
with amazing opportunities, to groups like Well Aware that work to provide
sustainable safe water in East Africa, Dreamland is a mission-driven

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Join The Fun

We are currently hiring full-time and part-time bartender, kitchen expo, and line cook positions.

Let us know how you could contribute to the Dream Team!