As Central Texas booms, the region is drawing visitors and new residents alike in unprecedented numbers. Whether you’ve recently moved here or are just visiting, here’s everything you need to know
about the best attractions in Dripping Springs, TX.

The wineries: Dripping Springs is home to a number of wineries, including Bell Springs, Hawk’s Shadow and Solaro, just to name a few. It’s also the Gateway to the Hill Country, where you’ll be able to discover – and taste – dozens more wineries. Get an idea of some you may want to visit by trying the many wines at Dreamland.

The weddings: Thanks to a plethora of popular venues, Dripping Springs has garnered a deserved reputation as the “Wedding Capital of Texas.” Attracting hundreds of weddings – and thousands of
wedding guests – the nuptials industry has become a key driver of tourism to the city. With its array of fun things to the do for families, friends and couples, Dreamland attracts many of those visitors who are looking for activities either before or after the celebration.

Texas Hill Country Olive Oil: Just up the road from Dreamland, you’ll find this gem of a Dripping Springs attraction. With tours of the olive orchard and tastings of locally produced olive oil, Texas Hill Country Olive Oil is a must-visit destination for food lovers.

The breweries: Wine lovers aren’t the only ones who fall in love with the top attractions in Dripping Springs — the region is also home to a number of breweries. Whether you’re looking for a bold IPA or a subtle pilsner, Dripping Springs breweries have something for everyone. At Dreamland, we offer many of those local brews and you can try many of them with our unique self-serve beer taps.

The family fun: The booming housing market in Central Texas and the great local schools have made Dripping Springs a magnet for families. Parents with kids both young and old will find a number of things to do here, including sports, entertainment and outdoor activities. At Dreamland, we offer everything you need for a fun family day out in the Hill Country, including pickleball, mini golf, playscapes and more.

Live music: Just like Austin, Dripping Springs attracts a wide array of performers and musicians. You’ll find some amazing talent in the local bars and watering holes as well as on the stages at Dreamland. Check out our calendar for an array of concerts and performances.

The art: Artists and artisans alike have been inspired by the dramatic scenery of the Hill Country and perusing art is a favorite Dripping Springs attraction. You’ll find everything from galleries featuring
original paintings to renowned hand-thrown pottery as you explore the region. At Dreamland, we’ve embraced the area’s creativity by making art a central focus. Be inspired by our dramatic painted tanks and our collection of unique sculptures.

The great outdoors: From Pedernales State Park to Hamilton Pool to Westcave Preserve, natural Dripping Springs attractions abound. Grab your hiking shoes – or your bathing suit – and start exploring. At Dreamland, we’re happy to welcome Dripping Springs residents and visitors alike.