Getting out is a must for families. The memories you make for you and your kids are invaluable. If you’re just moving to a new community, exploring is a great way to familiarize yourself as well. The only challenge is coming up with places to take everyone. To help, we created the new residents’ guide to family activities in Dripping Springs.

Playgrounds. Any parent knows that kids have tons of energy. That’s why playgrounds have been a defining destination for family activities for years. A basic playground includes slides, swings, and a few platforms to climb around on. Some include monkey bars for the acrobatic, and seesaws for two to play. They’re great for burning energy, and a wonderful spot for a picnic. A quick google search can yield many different local parks. Try some out and find what sticks.

Waterparks. The Texas heat can make many outdoor activities difficult to pull off. Unless you want to get everyone up with the sun, or when it sets, you’re likely stuck with midday heat. Waterparks provide great family activities even in blisteringly hot conditions. Most feature various unique swimming areas, water slides, and more. Kids will especially love splash pads, a play area with geysers spewing from the ground and various structures raining water from above. These locations are like a hybrid between a swimming pool and playground, letting kids get the best of both.

Mini Golf. The game of golf has an almost zen like quality to it for most players, and mastery takes years. This might work for adult players, but kids are likely to lose interest in the first five minutes. Mini golf takes the traditional game and puts a fun spin on it. As the name implies, courses are much smaller than in regular golf, but in return are jam packed with unique obstacles and designs. This game has stood the test of time as a great activity for kids and adults alike.

Lawn games. Another staple of family entertainment is classic lawn games. Some of the more recognizable being cornhole, ladder toss, horseshoes, and washer pitching. These games are easy to learn and hard to master. Another benefit: most of these games are near some type of bar. This means the kids can play supervised while parents enjoy some adult beverages. 

Pickleball. Many people are looking for ways to get the whole family active together. One of the best ways to do this is through games. Adults will look to ball-based sports for physical activity and fun, but most are not very kid friendly. Enter pickleball. Originally designed as a children’s backyard game, pickleball takes elements from tennis and ping pong. 

The game is dynamic, athletic, and highly strategic, becoming one of the fastest growing sports in the U.S. Up to four players are each armed with plastic paddles. The ball is hit over a net like in both sports. Adults and children will love this unique game.

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