There are a lot of options for great dates. There seem to be a myriad of possibilities that can overwhelm first timers and veterans alike. With all of this, you may be wondering where to start. To give you some jumping off points, we created this guide. Here’s how to design the perfect date night.

Nothing says romance like good food. Okay this seems cliche, we know, but a meal shared between people is a tried and true tested method. It provides conversation starters and gives you and your partner a good memory to associate with each other. If you’re in a new town or city, we recommend spending a little time exploring your options. If you’re well experienced with the area’s cuisine, then bring them somewhere that’s special to you. 

Live music. Next stop on your date night; a music venue. Music is a great way to connect with someone new. Favorite albums and artists are great conversation starters, and the experience of hearing live music is hard to replicate. Plenty of restaurants have live music built in, but there are also multitudes of venues scattered around towns and cities that highlight local and, on occasion, world renowned artists. 

Mini golf. Okay this one’s also a doozy, but sometimes a date can just feel too formal. You all need to loosen up some, and do something fun. Mini golf is easy to understand, the courses are creative, and you’re sure to both be laughing by the end. Difficulty can range from a simple straight shot, to a spanning maze of different holes and tunnels to reach the goal. We provide a variety of courses to choose from and pricing is very reasonable. 

Art. If you’re looking for something more relaxing, then an exhibit can be a great alternative to the above mentioned ideas. It’s a great way to open up deeper conversation and to learn about how another person sees the world. Another benefit; many exhibits are free. Take a look around town or look up some locations in your area to get a feel for good spots. Remember as well that art isn’t just a painting on a wall. Many cities have structural or architectural art displays for the public. 

Grab a drink. A good drink can help ease first date nerves and promote an open and relaxed air to conversations. Many places will have a selection of beers and wines, but if you’re particular about your beverages, then we recommend heading to a predetermined spot after the main event of the date is finished. 

Looking to incorporate all of your ideas into one incredible date night location? We can help. Dreamland is a one of a kind outdoor entertainment, recreations, and arts venue located in Dripping Springs. We’re open 9 AM to 11 PM Monday through Friday, 7 AM to 1 AM Saturday and 7 AM to 11 PM Sunday. Call us at 512-827-1279 or email us at 

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